Apr 01 2011

Music Education Blog Carnival (the real one) April 1, 2011

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 Sorry…I know it wrecks your ping backs and links, but I couldn’t resist posting a “bogus” blog carnival on Friday April Fool’s Day! If you missed it, all the links in the bogus post pointed to this video.

So without further adieu,

Welcome to the REAL April 1, 2011 edition of music education blog carnival.


Music Advocacy

David Ahrens presents Life Lesson #9: Leadership posted at Sound Education.

Kathleen Kerstetter presents I still want to be a Rockstar posted at Miamiflute’s Blog, saying, “Engaging non-traditional music students.”

Music Education

Joseph Pisano presents Instrumental Music Education of the Future posted at Composing Like Mad.

Amy Broadmoore presents 9 Books to Introduce Children to Jazz posted at Delightful Children’s Books, saying, “Here is a booklist of nine wonderful picture books about jazz music. In addition, you’ll find a link to a You Tube playlist of videos to introduce young children to jazz music.”

Theresa White presents Utilizing Twitter in Music Education Presentation posted at Education in Music.

Susan Haugland presents Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, and Music Education posted at Philosophy of Forty-Nine.

Eugene Cantera presents The Future of Music Education? BRIGHT! posted at Discover, Learn, Play.

Susie Ahrens presents Getting that Heavy Metal Sound-Recruiting Tuba Players posted at For the Love of Tuba.

Music Pedagogy

Thomas J. West presents Using Focused Proprioception To Learn And Memorize Music – Thomas J. West Music posted at Thomas J. West Music, saying, “The goal of memorizing a piece is to move the motor skills required to perform the piece completely into sub-conscious recall without any external stimulus from the written page. Proprioception is how we learned to sit up, to walk, and to tie our shoes. Proprioception along with our ability to hear and mentally organize sound is how we learned to speak, sing, and play an instrument. Focusing your attention on how your hands “feel” as they perform the passages of the repertoire is what takes you away from the tyranny of the “little black dots” on the printed page.”

Music Technology

Mike Swift presents Financing Your Dream Recording Studio From Scratch (Success Guide) posted at FreeDrumKits.net.

Brandt Schneider presents Top Thirteen (15?) Free iPad apps for the Music Class posted at Things To Come.

Music Tips

Emanuele presents Musicisti a Scuola-2 PUNTATA posted at bandsplanet.


Andy Zweibel presents Evernote Series: How Evernote Changed the Way I Job Search posted at MusicEdMajor.net, saying, “This is a part of a series of posts on how I use Evernote to be productive. This post discusses how I am using Evernote to manage my job search”

Debbie Owen presents Top 50 Violinist Blogs posted at Online Doctorate Degree.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of music education blog carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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