Getting your Garageband podcasts to work with Edublogs and other video hosting sites

Sue Waters has an excellent post about embedding videos directly to your blog posts here at Edublogs. For those of you using Garageband to create podcasts, you may have found that things don’t work quite right when you try to embed your Garageband created podcasts directly into a post on Edublogs.

Well thanks to the excellent forums here at Edublogs, I found the answer to my problem. For those of you having trouble uploading podcast created in Garageband to other video sharing sites, this may solve your problem as well.

THE PROBLEM: When you create a podcast in Garageband-and then Share it to iTunes, the file is saved as an AAC audio file in your iTunes library. When you upload this file to Edublogs or any other site that will host your digital content, the actual extension for your newly created podcast is .m4a. For some reason, .m4a files work fine on Macs using iTunes or Quicktime, but don’t translate well or are not supported by many video sharing sites such as Teacher Tube. You can convert the file to an mp3 format, but you will lose any pictures from your podcast track. You can convert it to a .mov file, but I found that the pictures and the audio do not line up right.

SOLUTION: Change the file extension from .m4a to .m4v. Here is how I do it.

1. Create my podcast with pictures and audio in Garageband-

2. Share the file to iTunespodcast01.jpg

3. Drag the file from iTunes to the desktop so it is easy to find.podcast02.jpg

4. Change the file extension from .m4a to m4v by

a. cntrl click or right click on the file- get info-change .m4a to .m4v


b. click on “use .m4v”


5. You are done.

Now you can upload it to Edublogs or another digital content hosting site and it should work. Below is a podcast I uploading directly to Edublogs (see Sue Waters post here on how to embed video into your blog posts) and I was able to host the same .m4v file at with no issues.

Handel Podcast test changing m4a to m4v

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  1. Thanks Ken for sharing your tips on how to upload m4a files to Edublogs and other sites. I’ve updated the Edublogger post and linked across to your post.

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